She inhales deeply. While struggling to hold back the tears, her voice wobbles through gritted teeth: “I feel like it is my fault” and in that moment she allows herself to give into the overarching sadness, anxiety, rejection, and disappointment she has felt for so long in regards to love and relationships.

After years and years of working on herself, studying with spiritual gurus, and reading what feels like every self-help book on the subject of love, she told me still feels anxious with men, she still feels not feminine enough, and ultimately not good enough. After all, the proof is in the pudding, she hasn’t found that soulmate relationship yet.

This was what happened in one of my first sessions as a three-principles dating and relationships mentor. I remember being overwhelmed with compassion as her words tugged at my heartstrings. It hit close to home.  I remember how heavy of a burden it is to live from that place. A paradigm where I need to continually strive, struggle, and improve myself in order to find and experience lasting love.

All of that changed for me, and the thousands of other people around the world, who have stumbled upon a scientific, logical, and universal framework for being human that naturally supports the experience of more love and a healthier love life in general.

I am certainly living proof. One year ago, I didn’t believe in “soulmates”, was disillusioned by past relationships, and had no intention of getting married. Today I am happily engaged to a man that is without a doubt, my soulmate and I have experienced a level of connection I never thought was possible with another human being.

The beautiful reality of this is that, there is nothing special about me and that this level of connection of is possible for every human being…including you. (I Invite you to feel the truth behind this statement, instead of dismissing it off-hand with all the reasons why you are “destined to be alone.”)

I am so passionate about this truth that I started investigating what dating experts, spiritual gurus, and traditional coaches were saying…and I WAS HORRIFIED.

Shocked and horrified. Though unintentional, much of what is being advised is based on untrue assumptions and creates a false cause-and-effect framework. Ironically, the result is that it pulls people further away from the feelings of love and connection they so desire…like the client I spoke about in the first paragraph.

Me, Amy Leo, and my team at Escaping The Rat Race are on a mission to transform the way we love ourselves and one another, co-creating a community of half a million people over the next 30 years who are living with sustainable joy, love, and understanding.

Can you contribute to this mission? Share this with someone who will benefit from a kinder, more effective paradigm for love, dating, and relationships.



Last summer, we went to Costa Rica. This spring, join us in Amsterdam with her breathtaking canals, tulip-inspired color palate, and easy-going culture for a training unlike any other.

This program is the perfect introduction to this new paradigm. I cannot express how incredibly helpful it is to get out of your everyday routine long enough to let you mind start to settle, so you can experience relief, peace-of-mind, and learn something new that will truly transform your love life.


Not to mention, you will be surrounded by a small group of non-judgmental people who can relate to what you’re going through in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What this program includes:
• 8 “From Heartbroken to Healed” Principle-Focused Training Sessions
• Wednesday evening welcome event
• Assistance with finding affordable housing and flights
• Sightseeing activities such as the UNESCO canal belt + various cheese tastings.

This program does not include:
• Meals
• Flights
• Accommodation
*We recommend participants book their flight to arrive Wednesday evening and leave after 2pm on Monday the 27th*

At the end of our program, you will walk away with a new understanding and indefinitely more freedom in your love life. It’s an understanding that will continue to serve you as you navigate the ups-and-downs of dating and relationships.

Program cost: €497

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

"Amy Leo is overflowing with vitality and passion for life. She hears the music that life plays. She lives life full on. She brings her passion for life into her podcasts which are always interesting and will point you to your own common sense solutions. Listen and you will realize that you no longer have to feel like life is a race that you are behind in.”

--Dr. Dicken Bettinger

"I had the pleasure of a session with Amy to help me work through some relationship issues. Amy is a beautiful and bright spirit with a deep grounding presence. Her clarity about life and relationships is extraordinary. Without running to fix anything in my life or the relationship, just her deeply loving presence, confidence and wisdom allowed me to sink deeply back into my own peace of mind and clarity in the moment, which is exactly what I needed to move forward confidently and calmly. I highly recommend working with her."

- Shirly Weiss, Internationally known Coach + Entrepreneur

"Amy coached me on my intimate relationship when I was experiencing difficulties. Amy's care and attention helped me feel safe in opening up, something I have difficulty doing in the area of relationships. As my fixed thinking shifted I got insights into how my experience can change and that come what may I will be alright. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy's coaching to anyone who wants to explore this domain more deeply".

-Simon Collins 


“The…most helpful thing is knowing that the rest of the days of my life finally feel like I can live and be alive and at peace with myself regardless of the hardest of down times which always exist. I can be myself, I can make mistakes, I can forgive myself, I can remove fear, I can love and maybe even love unconditionally. I can overcome. I can be of a nature that helps others in ways I never imagined possible.”

- Kelly M., Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist-Tech Entrepreneur 


“Working together with Amy adds an extra level for me with her education and background credentials. I never liked or resonated with even the mere idea of going to some therapist to try and have them “figure me out” when I can’t even figure out myself. What moves me the most for this to be productive and helpful to myself and those around me in every day interaction is that obviously Amy was willing if not more open minded to embrace a new approach that is producing results – I being one example.”

- Client + Father of 2 


“Working with Amy is continually a wonderfully and spiritually uplifting experience. Her passion and energy fill the room with an essence that you come across once in a lifetime. It’s a great feeling to be progressing with one of the world’s most productive, forward-thinking individuals.”

- Lucas Fable, CEO/Producer, One Sound Label


“Every day I am able to embrace the truth that “the secret” is hidden within ourselves. As I go about my day I am more in the present sense of life than I ever thought possible with unlimited potential to grow!”

- Client, 45 


“Amy has an uncanny ability to simplify issues…and is able to harness her zest for life in a way that ignites inspiration in those who are lucky enough to cross her path. “

- Jordan M. Nacht, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer of The Pivotal Approach


“[Amy is] a wonderful being of light…Some benefits I’ve had are a calmer state of being, a more patient and less easily bothered demeanor.”

- Veronica L., 25

"I gained so many benefits from these sessions. First, I was able to be more aware of my thoughts, feel comfortable in silence, and let go of my anxiety around my business and pleasing others.  I know before the session I was nervous, during the session I teared up a little because everything we talked about and worked through had always made me anxious and it was a relief to know I didn’t have to feel that way! I mean money has always been a sensitive issue with me and since this 1-1 session I have had a better relationship with money and my thoughts and anxiety around it."

- Meaghan McElroen, Entrepreneur

"You do not have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step."-MLK

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