You Are Enough!

Join host Amy Leo sharing with us 13 concepts as to why YOU, ME, AND EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET ARE ENOUGH! We truly are born with the gifts we need to live an inspired life. Maybe today is the day you experience your first...

mindset: Insomnia Got You Down?

Feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work in the long-term? Tune into this week's episode as we speak with special guest Coach Jen Lucas (who also happens to serve up delicious batches of home-made...

1 Lesson Every Parent Can Learn From Their Children

When Audrey was 3 years old, she told her parents she wanted to have a poop-themed birthday party. Yes, you read that correctly, a poop-themed birthday party. Even after her mother and father suggested other alternatives such as a princess party, Audrey was unshaken...

Improving Mental Health

Improving mental health has long fascinated me, so it was only natural that I took a position working with kids recently discharged from psychiatric hospitals after college.However, these phrases:“Why did you do that? You should have...”“You know better than...

mindset: The Silver Lining Of Anxiety

Does your world feel like it is becoming smaller? Are you sick and tired of experiencing worry, anxiety, sleeplessness, or panic? Or maybe you don't experience anxiety yourself but a loved one does… Either way, tune in for an exploration...

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