Vibrant Mental Health & Ridiculously Awesome Relationships.

  • What is on offer is the possibility for a totally new way of living– a change in how you relate to yourself, other people, and how you approach and solve the difficult circumstances that you will inevitably come across throughout your lifetime.

Lifelong tools.

  • Knowledge is power, it does make a difference. What is on offer is a universal learning curriculum that will teach you the lessons and tools you can put to work for you now and in the future. That is because the lessons are focused on providing you with the knowledge that will serve you in any situation you come across such as: how to generate emotional resilience, how to make better decisions amidst difficult emotions and circumstances, how to stop overthinking and start living, and more. You will genuinely become your own best coach and counselor.

True Healing.

  • Emotional difficulties such as symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, addiction, as well as general stress, burnout, and loneliness…tend to resolve themselves naturally with greater understanding of the human mind. This is a markedly different approach than that of most therapists and coaches, and the results speak for themselves.


  • Whether we like it or not, we need (and are influenced by) other people. Our community is comprised of open-minded, big-hearted people who genuinely support one another instead of tear one another down. Having access to a supportive community is an essential part in making sustainable life change. Welcome to a judgement-free zone (or at least as close as we can get)!

Essentially, a radically different way to approach the mental and emotional aspects of living well is on offer — resulting in unshakeable mental health and markedly improved relationships.

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1. I don’t have all the answers.

After all, I am human as well.  Although I have years of experience teaching, coaching, and deeply value learning and continued growth…there are times when I won’t know what to do or say right away. Each client, each situation is different and should be honored as so.

2. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

Genuine and lasting transformation only occurs when someone sees something for themselves, when they have an insight from the inside. Although I do teach and guide folks in this direction, I can not control when and if insights occur. Thus I can not in good conscience promise that every single person that works with me will experience life-changing results.

3. Some people say it is expensive to work with me. 

This one speaks for itself ;). This is also why my team and I offer a free resource via the podcast series.


With all that being said, if you are curious and interested in a simpler, more logical and educational approach to mental health and relationships, I am your gal.

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