There is no one secret to a better life. There, I said it. However, there is the potential for much greater ease, love, and fulfillment through innovation and education. There are many paths to wellbeing.

If companies don’t innovate, they fail to thrive. Their products become stagnant, outdated, and their bottom line suffers.

This is just as true for human beings as it is for businesses. If a person gets stuck in stale or destructive cycles of work, stress, finances, habits, or thinking, he or she will start to suffer.

This comes in many forms: poor results, depression, anxiety, addiction, illness, chronic stress, loneliness, or as an overall dissatisfaction or boredom with life.

Amy & her small team of coaches and counselors specialize in experiential education, that is, learning by doing. Through transformative learning programs, we employ a principle-based approach for teaching about the human mind & condition that fosters continual, sustainable, and widespread results.

Us human beings, by and large, tend to overcomplicate the crap out of our lives. If you are interested even in the possibility for greater ease and simplicity in regards to your mental wellbeing and your relationships, reach out at amy at amyleo.com 


"You do not have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step."-MLK

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Our first 7 minute podcast will go live on August 8th where every week we will share "Should Have Learned in School"

...like how to deal with emotional pain, manage money, be a great partner...how to be a better, happier person basically. 

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