Imaginative. Clever. Enthusiastic.

All are synonyms of resourceful. So often I come across people who claim they are not creative. They significantly disregard and underestimate their ability to be resourceful. They then begin to list all the reasons why they can’t do something.

Typically people cite one of  two common excuses as to why they can’t do something. We have all heard them before. Heck, we probably have used them ourselves at one time or another. Drum roll please…they are:

#1. I don’t have the money.

#2. I don’t have the time.

(and very rarely are these two statements factual.)


When someone says they don’t have money, they usually do have some amount in their bank accounts, but do not want to part with it or perhaps they live paycheck to paycheck…but they do generate and have access to money. There are very few people in wealthy industrialized countries such as the United States that don’t actually have any money.

It is possible to make money work for you, to be more mindful about your financial decisions (especially when it comes to “disposable” income) and ensure that your choices are aligned with what you truly value. For instance, if you buy two cups of coffee a day, have a cigarette habit, always need to have the newest fashion styles or technology, or eat out several times a week, you actually do have more money than you think. Making small life changes in this area can help practically with the money piece as these “small” costs add up over time. If you saved just $5 a day from not engaging in one of these activities, you would have almost $2,000 saved at the end of the year! Over 5 years, that is a savings of nearly $10,000.


When someone says they don’t have time, it is often a way to keep him or her from feeling guilty about not doing something. Often (though not always) we avoid doing the things that make us nervous or uncomfortable such as: going to the gym, taking singing lessons, pursuing a writing career, starting a business, asking that cute person from the office out on a date, etc.

When analyzed, this really isn’t a lack of time. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. It comes down to a sense of priorities, choice, and flexing your innate creativity muscles.

If you don’t want to part with your binge-addiction to Netflix or social media, that is fine. There is nothing wrong with doing what you enjoy, but recognize you are making a choice and take responsibility for that. You are substituting things like meeting up with friends, going to the gym, or pursuing a goal for that television or social media time. Life is about the choices we make, yes. It is also about the choices we don’t make. Both shape our daily lives.


So you have children, you say? You also work-full time and own a home? Every little bit of money and time goes towards these things.

What is possible. 

Well, check this out. So does Susanne Bargmann. Susanne is a mother and runs a household with younger children in it.

And guess what? Susanne is a rock star! Figuratively and literally. Susanne, also known as Sus B, is a wonderful lady from Denmark who started her professional singing career in her 40’s.

You read that correctly! In an industry where there are so many other excuses not to pursue a career in music: age, weight, looks, talent, and of course our favorites of not having the money or time, Susanne made a decision. She ignored all of these excuses and got curious. Could she improve her singing voice? So, she put her natural resourcefulness to work even though she was not a “naturally talented” singer.

In fact, you can click here to listen to Susanne’s before and after clips. Before and after she deliberately practiced for 1.5 years.


She is a shining example of resourcefulness in action and she didn’t even do anything that out of the ordinary.


She had always wanted to sing and upon diving into the research that eventually became known as the famous “10,000 hour” rule, Susanne felt inspired to test this theory out herself.

She knew she needed a great teacher, so she found one of the most famous and effective teachers in Denmark. She didn’t spend a fortune. She usually went to one lesson per month. She was resourceful with her money. She spent it wisely and on the best teacher she could access. She maximized her training (and the value for her money spent) by consistently practicing in between lessons. She didn’t just practice any old thing, but instead with the help of her teacher, set small and specific vocal goals to achieve in between sessions.

What about the “I don’t have time” issue? Susanne is a full-time practicing psychologist, mother, and wife. Suffice to say that spending an hour or more away from her family in the evenings to go practice was not practical. So, she used her current schedule to her advantage. She has to travel often with her work and so she decided to do her daily singing exercises in the car. She fits at least 30 minutes of practice in each day by being resourceful like this. Only 30 minutes that didn’t even take time away from her already busy schedule. This is power of resourcefulness.

The results?!

Susanne Bargmann, ie. Sus B, got national radio airplay with this song. This is practically unheard of because the music industry heavily discriminates based on age.

This amazing and inspiring feat occurred as a result of creative, resourceful thinking and five years of deliberate practice…all things that you are capable of too!

The take-home.

Although we sometimes use the excuses of “I don’t have money” and “I don’t have time” to get us out of things we genuinely do not want to do…

What happens more often than not is that we use these excuses to delay doing what we are afraid of…that which our heart has desired for ages. Whether this involves starting that novel, quitting a job, losing weight, or singing in front of others like Susanne, the intention of resourceful proves that we are more powerful than we imagined. That we have the ability to deal with any setback or success with grace.

By nature of being human, we are all born with the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties, ie. we are born to be resourceful.

Yet so many of us do not see this, let alone believe it. We forget how clever, imaginative, and resourceful we were as children.

Even the odds.

Here’s the best part…resourcefulness can be amplified. If you are feeling particularly stuck and no solutions come to mind, this is where friends, family members, a coach, or a team comes in. Someone is bound to have a creative insight that will allow you to overcome whatever obstacle or “excuse” is preventing you from taking action.

Any new path or inquiry is risky. I get that. There is no guarantee how it will work out, so we play it “safe” — we stick to what we know and convince ourselves that this is the most comfortable option. Yet, what if it is more uncomfortable to live with the what if’s and should have’s…imagine how uncomfortable it must feel to be on one’s deathbed with deep regrets for example.

What if you are undermining your natural imaginative, inventive nature? What if you are more resourceful than you ever thought possible?

Susanne’s story is one of many…just one example that reminds us just how lame our excuses and reasons for not trying or doing something we want to do are.


**What should you do if you find yourself saying you don’t have the money or time? Explore the notion that you are innately resourceful.**


Call to action: Give yourself a boost. Create a collection of inspiring stories like Susanne’s. Put it in a google doc. Add to it every time you come across people who are questioning the status quo. People who are doing remarkable, uplifting things against all odds such as lack of money, time, health issues, physical mobility, age, weight, trauma, mental illness, immense criticism, etc. or check out #AmysRealStories — we’ve done some of this work for you. 


***WE INTERVIEWED SUS B, check out our interview below***

Resourcefulness is an amazing innate human quality, (this means you have this capacity too just by nature of being human!)…one that is both inspirational and practical! 

**This article was first published on the Intention Inspired**

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